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 About Us

 Welcome to DO IT NOW Referees, a division of DO IT NOW Pros, Providing Referees and Umpires, as we partner with you to enhance and
 build your sports program(s). When you're looking for Referees or Umpires, you're in for a treat, as you enjoy our DO IT NOWTEAM 
 approach, and good old fashioned prompt response. "We Make Your Goals Our Business". If you're a Coach, Player, Spectator or even a
 Referee, and simply want clarification of a sports rule, need a Soccer Referee Uniform, or want to become an official ... we are HAPPY to HELP.
 Promote your competitive spirit to the next level, with DO IT NOW Pros and HAVE FUN! We look forward to teaming up with you, to bring your
 A Game, with our revolutionary programs and services.
 Referees that care and are there when you need them, on time, ready to work, and actually know your rules. Is that really too much to ask?
 We don't think so. When you need Referees or Umpires, without a lot of drama, Make the Call and enjoy the DO IT NOW difference. We are
 always looking for quality, reliable  Referees and Umpires, willing to work with Coaches, Players and even spectators, to enhance their sports
 experience. If your tired of waiting forever to get paid, being paid incorrectly or not getting paid at all, Make the Call and experience the
 DO IT NOW difference. We pay our Officials as soon as we are paid, without you having to chase after your well earned pay. 

 If you'd like to become a Referee, we provide comprehensive training both on and off the field/court. If your one of the many Referees or
 Umpires who have quit Officiating because you weren't getting paid or weren't getting assigned, simply because you weren't on the 
 "Preferred Buddy List", then it's time to Make the Call for "Fair Shot". If you're good, we want you ... and you'll get games. In fact, our unique
 system allows you to pick up extra games and income on the days you haven't been assigned. Make the Call for details. 

Due to recent expansion, we are currently seeking Officials, with integrity, for the following; 
Soccer Referees - Basketball Referees - Flag Football Referees (NIRSA & NFL) - Baseball/Softball Umpires/Base - VolleyBall Umpires -
Kick Ball Referees

We are extremely proud of our Officials this year, as they have done an outstanding job