Men's Soccer Rules
FIFA Rules - Unless otherwise Stipulated in these Rules
OverTime Procedure
Playoffs & Championship ONLY

No OT Periods
Go Directly to PK's

3 Penalty Kicks (Alternating)
If still tied
1 on 1 Penalty Kicks
Number of Players: (including GoalKeeper)
8 vs 8 (including GoalKeeper) Minimum 5 Players

Note: If a Team doesn't have enough Players to start (5);
Grace Period - Only Applies to First Game
                             (NO Grace Period for 2nd, 3rd, etc., Games)
First Game has a 5 Minute Grace Period (no penalty)
                       *10 Minutes Late - Awards Opponent (1) Point
                       *Later than 10 Minutes = Forfeit
Forfeit = is Logged a 2-0 - If Both Teams Forfeit, no Score is Recorded
Late Start Time May Be Deducted from Game Time
Duration of the Game:
(2) 25 Minute Halves. 
5 Minute Half Time
Free/Unlimited - At Stoppage of Play - With Referee's Permission
NO OffSides
Referees have TOTAL Discression to Choose Appropriate Penalty,
Depending on Intent and/or Severity.

** If Deemed Unintentional - A Warning May be Issued
** Warnings, Yellow Cards, and Red Cards, as appropriate

*Circumstances & Players Involved Must be Logged on Game Sheet
Goal Keeper Punts must not travel “airborne” past center field.
Penalty – Indirect Free Kick awarded to the opposing team, at Center Line, closest to the landing point, in bounds, of the Punt.
Should the ball go “Directly” Out of Bounds, before entering the Field of Play, play shall be restarted, without Penalty, as appropriate, i.e.; Throw-In, Corner, or Goal Kick.
Reason for the Amendment:
With the elimination of the Offsides Rule, combined with the shorter field, the ability for the average
GoalKeeper to Punt the ball within easy scoring range presents undesirable issues;
While the ability to place the ball into this unfair Offensive position is equally available to both GoalKeepers,
it conflicts with the spirit of the game, game flow, and poses an unacceptable safety risk to GoalKeepers.
It causes Players to set up to receive the anticipated punt, crowding the prime scoring areas, putting the
Defenders at an unfair disadvantage. It takes away from the inherent play action, and skills necessary to
move the ball into scoring position, diminishing the action and spirit of the game. 

The fact that the GoalKeeper, and “Cherry Picking” Offensive Attackers have the right to vie for the ball,
puts the GoalKeeper in an unsafe situation, as excessive, potentially dangerous contact is imminent. 
This effectively removes the GoaKeepers protection from Contact Charges.
This Amendment is deemed necessary, as a result of the removal of the Offsides Rule,
as the Offsides Rule would, by nature, prevent the these undesired issues.
Player's Equipment: 
Shin Guards are Mandatory (Games & Practices)
All Players must wear League Issued soccer uniform at all matches.
Absolutely NO Jewelry including hair beads & clips. NO Taping Earrings.
Ties Stand during Regular Season Games

Playoff Game Tie Procedure will be added
Profanity and/or abusive or behavior, Will not be tolerated. 
Players will be issued Yellow/ Red Cards for such actions. 
Coaches will receive Warnings, and Ejections (NO Cards)
to be noted on the game sheet. 

*Circumstances & Offenders Involved Must be Logged on Game Sheet

Referees will have complete authority over the game.
Please Report any Issues to DO IT NOW Dave