Condensed Oakland Park Soccer Rules for Refs

Number of Players: (Including Goalkeeper)
 8-10 = 8 Max 5 Minimum to start
 11-13 = 11 Max 5 Minimum to start
Time/Clock (Running Clock)
8-10 Division = 20 Minute Halves
11-13 Division = 25 Minute Halves
Headshots: Not allowed in any division. 
Indirect Kick (Must be Intentional)
Slide Tackle: Not allowed in any division.
Direct Free Kick
Two Goal Rule
If a team is up by two goals at any time during a game, the player with 2 goals,
or individual players with goals must be subbed out or play defense. Player may
only return to offense when the opposing team is down by a goal. 

Players with 2 goals must remain on defense for the rest of the game
A: If a team is ahead by three or more goals, with two minutes or less left in
    the game, then the game shall be called at that point.
B: All games tied at the end of Regulation Play, will go to a shoot out.
Round 1-
(5) Different players take alternate (1on1) shots from the Penalty Mark. 
Round 2-
(3) Different players take alternate (1on1) shots from the Penalty Mark. 

Round 3-
(1on1) alternate shots from the Penalty Mark. 
If one scores and the other doesn't,  the team that scored is declared the winner.
*The team that is ahead at the end any Round, they are declared the winner.
  (add combined game total goals for final score)
Referees will have complete authority over the game.

Only Coaches and Players are allowed to be in the bench area(s).
Any Player, Coach, or team member that is ejected, must leave the field within
two (2) minutes.

Any Coach that is ejected from the game, will cause his team to play short-handed
for the following game.

The card system will be used for Cautioning and Expulsion. 

The first Yellow Card will be considered a "Caution".

The second Yellow Card, or first Red Card will result in an Ejection from the current
match and the following match.

A Player will be "Sent Off" (Ejected from) the field of play for a Serious Foul Play offense,
use of abusive or foul language, and/or persists in misconduct after receiving a Caution.