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North Lauderdale Youth Soccer Playoff Championship OT Procedure
Winner MUST be Determined
If Playoff and Championship games are tied at the end of regulation time, the following Overtime procedure(s) will be implemented:
Overtime Periods
Overtime Periods
No Golden Goal or Sudden Death > MUST Play All OT Periods - Full 5 Miutes

Number of
OT Periods

U8 Only (1) 5 minute Overtime Period
If Still Tied
Then got to 5 on 5 / 1 on 1 Procedure(s)
U10/U12/U14 (2) 5 Minute Overtime Periods
If Still Tied
Then got to 5 on 5 / 1 on 1 Procedure(s)
Number of Players
Normal- Except - Teams must have an equal number of players during overtime.
Should one team have more players, they must “reduce to equate” matching the number of players on the opposing team.
Coin Toss

Loser Gets Ball ... Winner Chooses Sides

Free Substitution throughout all periods of play.

At End of First

OT Period

8U = Go To PK's

All Others = Switch Sides. Winner of beginning coin toss, kicks off for second OT Period.

PK's Stage 1
5 on 5 PK's
Keeping Score
All Referees Keep Score. Add Game & OT Scores for Total Score. Verify the correct score before signing yhe game sheet.
Coin Toss
Winner Chooses to Shoot First or Second
PK Goal Choice
Referee chooses the Goal to be used for PK's. It's ok to get input from Coaches in deciding.
PK Fair Play
In an effort to allow Players to participate, without “warming the bench”, all Player’s may be on the field as follows;
(5) Kickers stand in line in the forward half of the center circle, while all other Non Kicking players sit in the back half of the center circle.
An Official monitors and ensures that; every player kicks once, before any player kicks a second time.
Coach’s can choose any players they wish for PK’s. (Whether they were on the field or not)
Goal Keeper(s)
Coach’s can change Goalkeepers for PK’s at any time & Goal Keepers can kick PK’s
No kicker shall kick a second time, until the entire Roster has kicked.
Implement (5) Penalty Kicks each, alternating between teams, until the team that’s behind cannot score enough to change the outcome of the game.
PK's Stage 2
1 on 1 PK's
Additional PK's
If the score is still tied after 5 PK’s;
(Remember, ALL players MUST shoot BEFORE ANY PLAYER can shoot a second time.)
Proceed to a “One On One shootout”,
Alternate Kicks allowing each team an equal opportunity to shoot.
If one scores and the other does not, the game is over.
Add the total scores and make sure the game sheet is correct before signing.
Referees keeps score. Team with most points, is the winner. Add the total scores and make sure the game sheet is correct before signing.
Game Sheet
BEFORE Signing Make Sure the Game Sheet Scores are Accurate