5 VS 5

Women's Soccer League Rules

Game Times

(20) Minute Halves - (5) Minute Half Time


(2) Coaches up + (1) On Bench
Keep Bench/Player Area clear of Spectators
Keep Sidelines Clear of Spectators (Minimum of (3) Yards)
Keep Area behind Goal Line Clear of Spectators
No Sideline Coaching-Interference
Keep Sidelines Safe

FIFA Rules with the following exceptions
Free Substitution - at Stoppage of Play - with Referee’s permission.
Free Kicks
All Free Kicks are Indirect, (Except for PK) including Kick-Off, Goal Kick
and Corner Kick. 
Cannot score without being touched by another Player of either team first.
(Should the ball directly enter the Goal, treated as Goal or Corner Kick,
 based on who touched it last)
Slide Tackles
No Slide Tackling
Yellow/Indirect Kick
Dangerous or Tackle from behind = Red/Direct
Must NOT enter the Penalty Box prior to being played – Re-Do
Penalty Kicks
Taken from 1 Yard outside the Penalty Box line, in the same location as,
but behind the traditional Penalty Mark.
Shirts must be tucked in at all times