ESL Basketball Rules

Game Duration: There will be 4 6 minute quarters. No running clock unless a team is 25 points ahead in the 3rd or 4th quarters. If score is tied at the end of regulation time there will be a 3 minute overtime period.

Ball Size: Boys will use 29.5 size balls, girls will use 28.5 size balls

Team Size: At the start of an official game both teams must have at least 5 players. If a player(s) arrives late he or she must be officially on the team sheet before the start of the game in order to play (they cannot be put in after the game starts)

Team Make Up: Girls can only play on a boys team only if the school does not have a girls team. Under no circumstances are boys allowed to play on girls teams

Points System: 3 points for a win 0 for a loss

Officials: Host teams are responsible for the game officials. All game officials must be FHSAA approved officials. During league play host schools can use one official, for some games two officials are recommended. For playoff games two officials are required.

Play offs: The top 4 teams will qualify for the play offs this year. Higher seed is always host/home team unless the two competing schools agree upon a different league approved venue.

Court Size & Play: Not bigger than 84' x 50' ( high school ) 10' rims
1. Defense: Any half-court defense may be played during the game.
2. Press: Teams may full-court press only during last 2 minutes of the game. Any press is allowed.

Rosters: All rosters must be submitted by approved deadline date. Failure to do so will result in a $60 fine and non playoff appearance