City of Hollywood
Coach Pitch Rules:
  1. Each game will have no new inning after 75 minutes or 5 complete innings
  2. No mercy rule during the regular season
  3. Each team can use up to 5 outfielders and 5 infielders 
     (i.e., this includes the infielder that plays next to the pitcher). 
     Outfielders are required to be on the grass at the time of the pitch
  4. Each Team must have a minimum of 8 players (no catchers)
  5. Each team must provide a completed lineup card prior to the beginning of the game
  6. If available, umpires will record official score on visible scoreboard.
     Coaches should separately record the score
  7. Each team will be allowed to bat their whole lineup or 3 outs (which ever comes first)
  8. If one team has more players, the other team can bat their lineup plus the number of
     extra hitters to equal the other teams number 
     (i.e., Team A has 12 players and Team B has 10. Team B can bat their 10 batters plus 
      2 additional batters)
  9. The 5th and final inning is an unlimited run inning. The defensive team must record 3
      outs to end the game
  10. Each batter will receive up to 6 pitches to hit the ball. Failing to hit the 6th and final
       pitch results in an out. A foul ball on the 6th and any following pitches, results in an
       additional pitch
  11. There is no leading off from any base. The batter must stay on base until the ball is hit.
       A warning should be issued to the player and if he/she does it again, he/she will
       automatically be called out
  12. There is no infield fly rule
  13. All obstruction and interference rules are to be enforced. 
  14. This league will use the 1/2 way line for advancement/retreat purposes.
       A fielder that is in possession of the ball while entirely inside the baselines can ask
       for time-out. If seen and called by the umpire, play is immediately called dead.
       If the runner is past the ½ way line, he/she is awarded the next base. If the runner
       is not ½ way past the line, the runner will be sent back to the previously occupied base
  15. Outfielders may run with the ball but can only ask for time once they are inside the baseline
  16. Coaches must pitch from inside the circle both during the regular season and throughout
       the playoffs. As long as the coach is pitching from the circle, his foot may land outside of
       the circle
  17. The player fielding next to the pitcher must have at least one foot in the circle while the
       pitch is being thrown. Additionally, he must not stand ahead of the pitcher
       (i.e., he should be in line or behind the pitcher)
Kid Pitch Rules
 1. For each game there will be NO new inning after 90 minutes of play or 6 innings.
   Any inning that begins after 70 minutes (from the first pitch) will be declared the LAST INNING 
   by the umpire
 2. No mercy rule during the regular season. Playoffs will use 15 runs after 4 innings and 12 runs
   after 5 innings mercy rule.
 3. No batter shall bat in an inning after a team has scored 5 or more runs in an inning.
   Meaning in general there is a maximum of 5 runs per inning. However, a team can score more
   than 5 runs if the last batter up (obviously at the point where 5 runs have not been scored)
   knocks in more runs. 
 4. Each team must provide a completed line-up card prior to the beginning of the game.
 5. Umpires will record official score on a visible scoreboard (if available).
    Coaches on both teams MUST keep score as well.
 6. Teams must have 8 players to start and finish a game. Teams must also use a catcher.
     ALL PLAYERS must bat.
 7. There is an infield fly rule
 8. Play is ONLY dead once the pitcher has possession of the baseball on the mound
    (i.e., the entire designated area of the pitcher) and calls time. There is no calling time from
    the infield and/or by infielders.        
 9. There is no leading in Kid pitch. Player must remain in contact with the base until the ball is hit.
    An initial warning will be issued to the player and coach and if it happens again, the player will
    be called out
 10. There is NO stealing
 11. No advancement on past balls
 12. No dropped 3rd strike rule
 13. No balks
 14. Bunting is not allowed
 15. Pitchers are allowed to pitch a MAXIMUM of 2 innings. Additionally, 1 pitch equates to 1 inning.
     For example, if you bring a pitcher in with 2 outs in an inning and he gets that kid out to end
     the inning, this is considered 1 full inning pitched (i.e., he can only pitch one more inning).
 16. Maximum of 10 fielders in the field (4 outfielders, 4 infielders, 1 pitcher, 1 catcher)
 17. During the regular season, games can end in a tie. During the 1st and 2nd round of the
     playoffs, the KC Tiebreaker rule will be used. During the Championship game, regular MLB
     rules for completing a game will be put in place.

Little League Rules
 BUNTING: allowed
 LEADING: allowed
 STEALING: allowed
 (always with 2 outs, otherwise when 1B is unoccupied)
 *For now we would prefer the umps do not call balks as pitchers are still learning legal pickoff
  moves. If a runner is picked off on a grossly obvious balk we will just allow him to stay on the