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This is a "QUICK List" of some High School Rules that may differ from FIFA Laws
We will be improving this as we go, so check back often. Corrections are Welcomed!
Minimum No. of Players 7/11
7 to start and play – forfeit if less
Half Time
10 Minute Minimum
Coin Toss 
Winner gets Choice of goal or kick off. 
Same procedure for 1st overtime
Team Roster/Payment
REQUIRED to be presented to referee 5 mins. before game time. 
Names may be added to roster after the start of play 
May be given by coach or player.Player numbers required on roster 
Coaching and Team Area 
Coaches May Be Carded Y/R
20 yds. long and 10’ from touchline
Caution to Coach who leaves this area R1, Sec. 5. 
Should be on same side of field – 
if not, benches should be diagonally opposed from each other
Coach Restrictions 
Coach may give instructions during injury, 
otherwise cannot leave team area. 
May use electronic communication devices on sideline only        
Cannot communicate electronically with field players 
Substitutions / When?
Either team: Unlimited at end of period; goal; goal kick 
(players must have already reported to scorer) caution (player must go out), 
injury If referee stops clock, player must go out 
incl. GK, disqualification (but not for disqualified player), 
blood on player or uniform or sign of concussion-all unlimited in number 
Unlimited number of subs from bench on goal, end of period, 
injured player removed from field. player ,must be removed 
until cleared by health care professional. 
On goal kick or injury, sub must wait  until beckoned. 
All subs must be beckoned by referee, except at start of a period 
Team in possession:
Throw-in or corner kick (if sub, other team may also sub).
Players must have reported to scorer prior to the time ball went out of play).
Restrictions on Substitutions: 
A player substituted for may reenter an unlimited number of times
Casts ,Facemasks ankle braces: 
Hard casts or splints must be padded with closed cell foam at least ½ inch 
thick Facemask may be worn by player with facial injury. 
It must be molded to the face with no protrusions; 
player must have a medical release at the game site signed by a physician 
for use of a face mask. Ankle braces of metal must be inside stockings – 
non-metal may be worn outside      
Tucked In: Mandatory
Drop Ball
Where ball was when play stopped and 5 yds. from touchline 
if simultaneous touched out by opposing players. 
If in goal area, drop on 6 yd line nearest  to location of stoppage. 
Must be dropped between 2 opposing players
Restart after 
injury, inadvertent whistle, etc
If one team is in clear possession, indirect free kick, otherwise drop ball. 
Goal can be scored from a drop ball. 
Charging Goalkeeper: 
Keeper cannot be charged in his penalty area 
unless dribbling ball with his feet or obstructing 
Penalty Kick: 
Stutter stepping or faking by the kicker is not permitted - Retake Kick
Ball never enters field = Throw-in awarded to opponent 
Moving ball in goal area after it is spotted is prohibited 
Once spotted, ball may not be moved to another part of goal area 
Ball in play on free kicks
Ball must be touched and visibly moved