Good Sports SpectatorShip
Players have Rules ... Coaches have Rules ... And Spectators do too!
In order to make the season as enjoyable, and productive as possible for everyone,
the following guidelines have been established, from experience. 

We all want to enjoy the games, and and all the benefits that sports provide for our kids.
We want you to get excited! We want you to cheer Loud & Proud, while respecting the
game, and participants.

For most, these guidelines will be very intuitive. For those who are a little more
excitable, a little adjustment may be needed, but its all good common sense, for the
good of all.
Penalties for Violations
Referees, Field Marshall, and/or City Staff may stop, suspend,  terminate, or even
forfeit the match/game because of outside interference, or undesirable behavior of its
spectators, of any kind. Refusal of expelled player, coach, or spectator to leave the
"playing area" within 2 minutes will constitute a forfeit.
No Badge - No Coaching - NO Exceptions (including during Practices)
All Staff & Volunteers MUST Pass a BackGround Check in order to work with

While we appreciate your desire to help, we must enforce this Safety Rule. 

Only Badged-Up Coaches, with the appropriate, current badge lanyard (color) are
allowed on the field with the kids during Practices & Games. 

Don't even think of wandering over to the Player's Bench at breaks. 
Do Not Play, Practice, Sit, or Stand behind the Goals during games.
This is a distraction to the Players, and can interfere with the game.
We also want to avoid Spectators Coaching, or distractions, especially with the
The head coach and his/her staff are responsible for the conduct of his/her
Air horns are not allowed at games/practices
Referees/Umpires shall have complete authority over the game,
players, coaches and spectators. They may expel any player, coach or spectator for
indecent language, unsportsmanlike conduct, or any infraction of rules. Refusal of
expelled player, coach, or spectator to leave the "playing area" within 2 minutes will
constitute a forfeit.
Referees will ensure non-authorized persons
DO NOT enter the field of play.
They may stop, suspend, or terminate the match because of outside interference
of any kind.
Referees are instructed to discuss matters in question ONLY with the
Head Coach
NOTE: An ejected participant, volunteer, coach, or spectator must leave the playing
             area within 2 minutes. They may not sit in the stands and may not be recalled.
            Any disciplinary action taken will carry over the eligibility of an individual to
            coach, or otherwise participate in all programs/sports administered by the
            Department of Leisure Services.
No Drugs or Alchohol Intoxication
Persons under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or the use of alcohol/drugs in any form,
by players or adults, are not permitted during games or practices.
Chatter is strictly prohibited
by parents, coaches, or other players who attempt to distract opposing players in any

No heckling of any player, coach, referee, shall be permitted in any division.
Spectator/Sideline Coaching is prohibited
Resist the urge!!! Sideline Coaching is Cheating, confuses/distracts Players, and is
disrespectful to the Coaches. 

A Free Kick to the opposing team may be given for entering the field without

Sideline Coaching is defined as; spectators attempting to influence and gain an
advantage in a game through instruction, positioning or alerting players to
situations they would not otherwise be aware of. This is a disruption of the game
and may cause an unfair advantage. If necessary, the game may be stopped, which
may result in ejection or even forfeiture of the game, at the Official’s discretion.
Do Not Run Onto the Field
Often times we forget that this is a contact sport. Play is only stopped for
serious injuries, which rarely occur, otherwise, plays would be broken up
unnecessarily, which would interfere with the game. If a Player suffers a
serious injury, rest assured, the Referee will beckon the Coach, and or the
Parent, in a hurry.

Never run onto the field to dispute a call or play!!!!! You'll likely find yourself
headed home.

A Free Kick to the opposing team may be given for entering the field without
DO NOT Approach Referees in an Aggressive Manner
Stay at Least 6 feet from Sidelines
This is for your safety, the Players safety, and the Referees, while ensuring that
Referees have an unobstructed view, and path.

Players, and Referees shouldn't have to worry about running into spectators or
lawn chairs.

All are at risk for possible serious injury when spectators crowd the line. 

Referees need a clear view to make accurate calls. Please "stay in your lane".