Soccer Rules

FIFA Rules unless specified otherwise in these Rule Amendments
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>Rated E for everyone! For Administrators, Coaches, Players & Spectators.<
Field Size
Approximately 1/2 the size of a Regulation Field (as close as space allows)
7 V 7 (4 or less = Forfeit)
Maximum of 7 on Field, including Goal Keeper.
Minimum 4 Players to start or complete a game.
Game Time
Running Clock (No Commercials) 
(2) 20 Minute Halves >1 Minute Water Break in each half <
     5 Minute Half-Time
 > Shin Guards Required
 > Rounded Rubber Cleats, Turf Shoes & Sneakers are allowed.
       (Sharp and/or Metal Cleats are NOT Permitted)
 > No Jewelry of any kind, including wrist bands.
    Only Cotton Wristbands & Sweatbands permitted.
> Taping of Jewelry (including new ear piercings) is absolutely forbidden.
> Glasses MUST be secured with a Lanyard.
> No Hats
> NO Hard Casts. Soft Casts must have 1/2 inch of soft padding and must be deemed safe by
   the Referees. 
   The "Whack" Test: If you wouldn't want to be "whacked" with it, it's not allowed.
 > Shirts must be tucked in at all times and MUST match Teams Shirts
 > Sleeves may not be rolled up or tied up. (safety)
Coaches: Must remain Off the Field, in their own half, within 5 feet of  their bench,
             during Match.
Spectators: Must remain separated from the Team Bench and at least 5 Yards from the Sideline.
                No Spectators behind goals.
Note: Spectator Coaching is Prohibited and may be penalized as Interference or
         Unsportsmanlike Conduct. This will result in a Yellow Card to one of the offending teams
         players and an Indirect Free Kick. Coaches are responsible for their Spectators behavior.
         Failure to control Spectators may result in forfeiture.
Offsides will only be called if it is obvious and/or excessive/abused, i.e. "Cherry Picking".
Indirect Free Kick.
Free Substitution, at Stoppage, with Referee’s permission 
Exceptions: Free Kicks, Corner Kicks and Throw-Ins, ONLY Team in Possession may call for Subs.
If granted, both Teams may SUB.
Free Kicks
Otherwise normal, except that; Kick-Off, Goal Kick and Corner Kick are all INDIRECT Kicks.
Cannot score without being touched by another Player of either team first. 
(Should the ball directly enter the Goal, the opposing team will be Restart Play with a Goal Kick
 or Corner Kick, respectively) This is due to the smaller field size.
Slide Tackles
No Slide Tackles (safety)
Penalty: Yellow Card / Indirect Free Kick -
Dangerous or Tackle from behind = Red Card / Ejection / Direct Free Kick
Newer Rule
NO (Intentional) Heading Ball - NO Heading the Ball
Players may not intentionally “Head the Ball”. Penalty: Indirect Free Kick to the opposing team,
at the spot of infraction. Exception: Headers inside of the Goal Box will be taken on the Goal Box
Line, closest to the Point of Infraction. Free Kicks are NEVER taken inside the Goal Box.
Though most soccer enthusiasts are less than supportive of this ruling, which is exclusive to the
USSF (U.S. Soccer Federation), ignoring it leaves us in a position of liability, in the event of an
injury related to a “Header”.  
The rule was put in place as part of the “Concussion Protection Initiative”, after the conclusion of a lawsuit. 
Although it allows players to implement “Headers” at age 14, we must apply it league wide, due to the inclusion of players under
14 years old.
2 Yellow Cards = Red Card & Ejection
Red Carded Players are Ejected and May NOT be Replaced - Team will play short.
Only Players and Substitutes can be Carded. If a Coach earns a card, the Coach is either Warned,
Ejected, or one of the Coaches Players will be issued a Yellow Card. 
We will not issue 2 Yellow Cards to the same Player for Coaches Infractions.
Must not enter the Penalty Box prior to being played – Re-Do
Penalty Kicks
Taken from the Center of the field on the Penalty Box line.
Regular Season
(2) separate 5 minute OT Periods. Alternating Kick-Off Possession. Switch Sides.
Must complete both Full 5 minute Overtimes. No "Golden Goal".
For OT Periods, teams must "Reduce & Equate", to ensure an equal number of players on the
field, for both teams.
If the game is still tied after completing both OT periods, proceed to a 5 shot
Alternating Shoot Out. (Centered on Goal at the Penalty Box Line). 
If the game is still tied after 5 Shots have been taken, the game shall end in a tie.
There shall be no restriction as to who may play OT Periods or participate in PK's. 
However; During PK's, NO PLAYER MAY SHOOT TWICE, until all Players have taken a Shot.

Scoring: Add the Total Score for Game & OT to determine Final Score.
Same as above, except that a winner must be determined. 
Continue with "One on One" alternating PK's, until after an equal number of tries, one team
scores and the other does not. Game Over!!!
Both Teams MUST Line-Up and Shake Hands at the conclusion of the game
Game Fees
$50 for each game … $25 from each participating school.
Game Fee(s) are due prior to the start of each game, unless you’ve chosen the prepaid
automated option outlined below. Games will not start without game fee(s).
Cancellations/Rainouts Notification
Minimum of 2 hours’ notice before game time, to avoid game fee responsibility. 
Both schools are responsible for notifying DO IT NOW Dave, the assigner at DO IT NOW  Pros,
of any cancellations or reschedules. Notifications can be by a phone call, left on voice mail, or
via email. Schools failing to notify of reschedules or cancellations, within the specified time,
will be responsible for payment of that games fee(s).
Contact Info -Referees (DO NOT TEXT)
Office: 954-962-0920 / Mobile: 954-632-2602 / Email:
Payment Methods/Options (Referee Fees)
Game Fees are to be paid to the Official(s) by Cash or Check, prior to the start of each game.

Convenience Option: Another option is to prepay game fees to DO IT NOW Pros, by check, for
automated payment to Officials. Any overages will be refunded at the conclusion of the season,
via check, from DO IT NOW Pros. In the event that extra funds become necessary to cover
additional games or failure to notify of cancelled / rescheduled games, you will be notified of the
need to provide additional funding for those games.