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Coaches are Allowed to be On the Field/in Huddles During the Game. 
Safety/Security  Issues          
  Spectator Coaching is Prohibited 
  Please Keep Spectators & Players At Least 3 Feet from Sidelines
 Teams & Spectators need to be on Opposite Sides of the Field - From Start to End of Game 
 (Only Background Checked/Cleared Individuals can be allowed to interact with Players) 
 3 Flags Required / Must be (Distinctly) DIFFERENT  Color than Shorts.
                               No Stripes or Pockets on Shorts!
Mercy Rule  (Good SportsPersonship)
  28 Point Lead Maximum - 29 points = Forfeit)
           NO EXCEPTIONS
  If a team is up by more than 28 points, then the team that has a lead (exceeding 28 Points)
  will be charged with an Automatic Forfeit.            
  All team's must keep their lead to a Maximum of 28 point's.
  The team that is up by more then 28 point's will be forced to forfeit the game, no exceptions!
  We want to display great sportsmanship at all time and keep competition fun and as fair as possible across the board!
   We also want to continue to establish a great building relationship between the schools that are a part of the league.
   The league is designed to be Participant friendly, and competitive. If we are not conscience of the negative effects it has on
   the young players and parents of a team that is losing by 28 points or more, then we have fallen short of displaying good
   sportsmanship ... and what V-Camp A.S.S.L. is all about!          
Flag Football Penalty Enforcement Simplified <Unless Otherwise Altered by League Rules>
                               (Not Perfect but a Good Rule of Thumb Guide)
5 Yard Penalties 
Dead Ball and Procedural Fouls, that DO NOT Involve Contact with an Opponent or
Safety Equipment Violations, carry 5 Yard Penalty Enforcement's
10 Yard Penalties - Fouls Carry 10 Yard Penalty Enforcement's
Contact Fouls, Illegal Equipment & Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Automatic Loss of Down 
(Offensive) Intentional Backwards Pass (5yds)
(Offensive) Intentional Fumble Out of Bounds (5yds)
(Offensive) Illegal Forward Pass (5yds)
Intentional Grounding (5yds)
(Offense) Illegally Secured Flag Belt on Touchdown or PAT (10 Yards)
*If a Player Scores and there was No Opportunity to Pull the Flag, the Score Shall Count and
 the Penalty will be waived. The Player & Coach will be notified/warned of the infraction, for
Repeated Infractions, at the Referee's discression, may be deemed Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and may be assessed a
10yd Penalty, or may also result in forfeiture.
Automatic First Down 
Roughing the Passer
       Illegally Secured Flag belt on Touchdown or PAT (10 Yards)
*If a Player Scores, and there was No Opportunity to Pull the Flag, the Score Shall Count and
 the Penalty will be waived. The Player & Coach will be notified/warned of the infraction, for
Repeated Infractions, at the Referee's discression, may be deemed Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and may be assessed a
10yd Penalty, or may also result in forfeiture.
League Rules        
All Players MUST Wear a MouthGuard, at All Times
       No Metal Cleats
       No Pockets - No Stripes - No Belt Loops on Shorts
       Flags & Shorts MUST be OBVIOUS Different Colors
       Shirts MUST be Tucked In, at all times
       NO Jewelry of any kind (Including Hair Beads / Clips)
       No Hard Substance Protective Gear
       Glasses MUST be Secured (Lanyard)
       Hats may not have any rigid substance
       Taping of Earrings is Absolutely Prohibited
Field Size
 80L X 40W +/- 
Field Set-Up
 20-40-20 (1st Down Markers)
Ball Size
 Varsity = Junior football / JV = Youth football
 Coaches ARE Allowed on the Field and in Huddles During Game
Ball Placement
 Possession Starts at 10yd Line
       (May be Adjusted - Relative to Field Size)
1st downs:
 20-40-20 Yard Lines
 (7) Max on Field, (5) minimum
 (20) minute Halves - Running Clock. 
 Clock Stops: Last 2 minutes of 2nd and 4th quarter for 
                     Incomplete Passes and Out of Bounce Runs
Time Outs
 (2) 60 Second Time Outs (Per Half)
Play Clock
 25 Seconds
 Touch Down = 6 points
       PAT: 1 Point, from 3yd Line --- 2 Points, from 5yd Line --- 3 Points, from 7yd Line
Must be a Pass Play, if Within 5 Yards of Endzone
 With 5 Yards or Less to the End Zone in a Series of Downs, The Play MUST be a Pass Play.
 No Running Plays. Exception - PAT's Plays May Run or Pass
 NO OT - During Regular Season - Games Can Result in a Tie.

 Playoff & Championship- A winner must be determined. 
 Note: Playoff & Championship games can end in a tie, score wise, but a Winner MUST be

 NIRSA Rules will be used to determine the winner, as follows;
 4 Downs for each team, starting from the 10yd line. Team with most yardage gained,
 minus penalty yardage, will be declared the winner. Repeat as necessary, to determine
 winner. Any scores during overtime will count, based on their normal values, but no
 additional points will be added otherwise.
PAT Interceptions
 Interceptions on Extra Point Attempts CANNOT be Returned.
 Ball/Play is Dead and PAT is Completed. 
 No Kickoff - Possession Starts at the 10 yd Line
       (May be Adjusted - Relative to Field Size)
       Defensive Line Marker = 3 Yards
First Down(s)
 First Down= Pass 20, pass 40, Pass the other 20 
Neutral Zone
 3 Yards from the Line of Scrimmage (Buffer Zone) 
Physical Contact Blocking
 No Contact.        
 Moving Screens and "Picks" Allowed ... provided contact is not caused.
 No Hand Blocks, Shoulder Blocks, or "Extremedy" extensions into path.
 Penalties will be assessed based on "who caused the contact"
 Traditional Punt Rule, but NO Blocking or Rushing the Punter
 Punts May Be returned, just like in normal football ...
 EXCEPT: If Any Player from Either Team Touches the Ball, and it Hits the Ground,
                 it is a Dead Ball at that Spot.
 Receiving Team may catch the ball On The Fly, from a Bounce, Roll, 
 (even a Deflection Off another Player), or Pick Up a Ball from the Ground and Return It,
 provided it doesn't touch a Player Before Hitting the Ground. 
 Kicking Team May Catch a Ball Deflected Off a Receiving Team Player and Gain Possession,
 BUT, the Ball is Dead at the Spot of that Catch and Cannot be Returned. 
 First Down, Kicking Team, at Spot.
Must be Shotgun (2 Yard Minimum)
Traditional Snap or a Kneel Snap to the Side 
NO Direct Snaps - Direct Snaps are Illegal
Ball Must be Snapped in One Quick, Continuous Motion
Quarterback MUST be At Least 2 Yards Behind LOS
 You can only Blitz 3 yards Off the Line. 
 You can Blitz as Many Players as you Want         
 No Fumbles. Fumbles are Dead on the Spot
Illegal Motion - 5 Yard "Live Ball" Penalty
 You can Shift, but  the Center Cannot Touch the Ball During Shifting. 
 Only (1) Player In Motion at a Time.
 Player in Motion Must NOT Move Towards Opponents End Zone UNTIL the Ball is Snapped.
Pass Interference
 Both Players are Entitled to the Ball
 No Yanking Arm or Hand Contact
Knee or Fallen Flag
 If a Knee Touches the Ground, while the Flag is Still On, the Player May Get Up and Advance. 
 If a Player's Flag Comes Off While Running, the Player Must be Touched by the Defender with
 Two Hands.
No Flag
 5 Yard Penalty from Spot of the Violation
No Stiff Arm
 5 yard Penalty from Spot of Violation
Passing Play
 ONLY (1) Forward Pass on a Passing Play
 After a Safety, the Punt is from the 10yd Line 
Defensive Penalty within 10yds to End Zone
Replay Down and Half the Distance to the Goal on a 10 yard Penalty Call. 
Any Penalty After Scoring or PAT Attempt, will be Assessed on Kickoff (10 Yard Line)
Intentional Grounding
Only Called if No Receivers/Players are in the Area
Flag Guarding
No Flag Guarding (5 yard penalty)
Ejections - Remainder of Game and Next Game Suspension
 Ejected Players, Coaches, Spectators, Parental Units, etc., are required to leave the field,
 within 2 minutes of ejection, and cannot participate in any way shape or form. 
 Failure to do so will result in forfeture, in favor of the opponent. The suspension carries to
 the next game. Leaving the field is defined as; leaving the premises ... out of ear shot and
 line of sight.
 No        Show Boating - Penalties After a Score will be Assessed
       on Kickoff