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1. Home teams are listed first. 2. Game time is 3:45, with a 10 minute warm-up.

3. ABCC forfeit time is ½ hour after game time, 10 minute warm-up still applies. (Teams & Referees have an emergency 15 minute "Grace Period")

4. Each team must fax official with home field and directions. Dave Hackett: (H) 954-962-0920, (C) 954-632-2602, (F) 954-962-0053.

5. For directions to home fields, go to - click on the logo with the balls - then click on the KID kicking (juggling) the ball.

6. In case of rain, contact the official and the opposing team no later than 2:00 or at least 1½ hours before game time.

7. Teams must wear matching uniforms, including socks. Numbers must be visible. No jewelry.

8. In case of tie, play 2 five minute OT’s (no sudden death) and if necessary, shootout. If still tied after the shootout, tie stands.

Overtime can be played only if time allows on the field. Discuss times for use of field prior to start of game.

9. Please remind fans, coaches, and parents they must remain on their own side. Do not allow anyone on the opponent’s side.

10. At the end of each sport, please fax Maria at 954-989-0660 with your win/loss record.

11. Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 8 points at or after halftime, game is over.

12. Each team must provide a roster for the official to keep, prior to start of game. Roster must have the player’s uniform number listed beside the name.

13. Subs are allowed for goal kicks, corner kicks or throw-ins for either team. All subs must be waiting at midfield to enter the game at the next opportunity/

14. Seven (7) players are necessary to start or continue play.

15. Game is two 30 minute halves, with a 10 minute halftime. There will be a mandatory one minute water break in each half.

16. Official fee per game is $40.00

17. NO Slide Tackling - Yellow Card Offense

18. Hard Casts must be adequately covered/protected in order for Player to participate, to prevent potential injury.

Play and coach with a Christian attitude. Teams must shake hands at the end of each game. No excuses.

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