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Baseball Rules
 Home Team is listed first. 
 Games begin at 3:30pm and last for 1 hour 30 minutes.
 Discuss field rules/restrictions with both the  official and other team
 before start of game.
 Games will last a regulation seven (7) innings, or one hour and thirty minutes.
 Prior to the game, Coaches and Umpires must  agree on time limit for each specific
 playing field.
 Base distances will be eighty (80) or ninety (90) feet, based on availability.
 The Pitching Plate will be a distance of  fifty-four (54) feet from Home Plate,
 or sixty (60) feet, based on availability.
 The Ten Run Rule will be in effect after 4 1/2 innings.
 The losing team will be permitted to play out the game.
 Ties: One (1) additional inning will be played  if a tie exists at the end of regulation
 play. If a tie still exists, each team will be credited with a tie. (1/2 win - 1/2 loss)
 No additional innings may be played to to  break the tie, beyond the one permitted.
 Mercy Rule:
   One team reaches 5 runs per inning, Change sides
   Unlimited number of runs in the final inning.
 Forfeit Time:
  ABCC Forfeit Time is 30 minutes after game time.
 (game time can be any time between 3:30 & 4:00).
 A minimum of 15 minutes warm-up must be given, to prevent injuries.
 Molded shoes are mandatory.
 Steel spikes are NOT permitted. 
 Only molded rubber cleats. 
 Players must wear a cup.
 Jewelry may not be worn by any player and the use of any tobacco product is
 prohibited, in the dugout and on the field.
 Failure to comply with these regulations will result in an immediate forfeit. 
 Players will be suspended for the next two games.
 Pitching Limitations:
 Pitcher may not pitch more than ten (10) innings in one week, including the
 Tournament. A week is determined as; the span of time from the first day the
 player pitched, until and including the seventh day, thereafter.
 One Pitch constitutes an inning!
 If a student athlete turns fifteen (15) years old, during the school  year,
 he may not pitch.
 Pitchers may not pitch more than seven
 (7) innings in one day.
 Pitchers who pitch more than
 three (3) innings in one day,
 may not pitch again, until they have 
 received two full days of rest.
 To verify eligibility, Umpires must sign
 Scorebooks at the end of each game. 
 Scorebooks are to be exchanged between
 the teams, prior to the start of each game.
 In the case of any Officially Incomplete
 game, where the game is made-up at a
 later date, (as per rule book) the
 Pitching Rules for maximum  innings in
 a game, will not be cumulative. 
 Pitching Rules for rest between games and
 weekly Pitching Limitations will still be
 in effect.
 Acceptable Baseballs:
 Acceptable baseballs are as follows;
 Wilson Little League (1074), 
 Senior Little League (1072),
 Pony League (1075) & (1076),
 Spalding Little League (41-132)
 Rawlings Little League (RLL). 
 For rule interpretations on other
 baseballs, contact the Commissioner. 
 The Home Team MUST provide 
 two (2) Official Baseballs  for each contest.
 Bat Weights:
    Acceptable bats are as follows;
    All bats must comply with the 
    USSSA Stamp 1.15.
    Athletes will use "age appropriate" bats.
 One warning will be given to any player who
 throws his bat. Upon a second occurrence,
 the player will be ejected.