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Kickball Short Rules for ASSL 

Full Rules PDF

The scheduled time is one hour (unless pushed over to complete a last inning)
The rules say 5 innings - they want 7 innings if possible, within an hour. Coach V
Top 5 to watch for...
 1. Keep track of outs
2. Make sure no base runners leave their base to advance to another, if a fielder
    is on the pitcher mound with the ball in their hand.
3. If the out field team has 2 outs and after the 3rd out is made, a base runner
   tries to advance from 3rd to home base for a point, after the 3rd out is made,
   that point will not count because the 3rd out was made before the base runner
   made it to home.
4. No leading off on the base. Base runners must have at least a foot on base
    before advancing to the next base.
5. Players may not kick the ball in front of home base. The kicker must kick the ball
   on or behind home base. Failure to do so will be considered a foul kick.
*I believe that if the official can manage to keep close attention to these
 5 rules the should go smooth! Coach V