COVID Temporary Soccer Rules for Safety
City of Sunrise as per USSSA Guidelines
Instead of Throw-Ins when the ball goes out of bounds on the SideLines,
the ball will be Kicked instead. The ball can go NO FURTHER THAN 10 Yards.
Note: Kick Distance on Shorter Fields will be adjusted relative to field size.
Referees Discretion!!!!!
Spitting is a RED CARD Offense, and Player will be Ejected.
Note: This will only carry a one game suspension. Repeat offenders however;
         will receive the normal two game suspension.
Coin Toss
We will only allow one Team Captain, from each team to participate in the Coin Toss.
The Referee will shall always be in possession of the Coin.
No Hand Shakes (or High Fives), Walk Outs, or Team Huddles. Find a creative way to
celebrate that doesn't involve contact
Participants MUST keep Proper Social Distancing from Referees. ONLY the Coach &
Team Captain can approach the Referee forquestions or clarification.
These Rules are Temporary for Safety Reasons, and will remain in effect until further
"official" Notice.